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Contiunity continues manufacturing


With ContiUnity® we want to challenge the status quo in medicine production and make high-quality medicine accessible to all.

The pharmaceutical solution to continuous manufacturing

Access to high-quality medicine is a fundamental right for all. Our solution, ContiUnity®, revolutionizes continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing, enabling agile responses to evolving challenges.  


Designed as standard building blocks, ContiUnity® adapts to your unique requirements, offering a perfect fit for numerous setups and processes.​

Time to market​

By selecting pre-validated ContiUnity® modules, you can bypass the design phase and configure your process plant quickly and efficiently.​

Risk reduction​

ContiUnity® is a multipurpose solution that can be quickly adapted to changing situations, eliminating the need for additional capital investments.​


The intelligent modular design reduces floorspace by 70% compared to traditional batch facilities, with modules being reusable in future processes as well.​

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