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Lab Scale Systems

labscale systems zeton


Our unique proven approach to designing and building laboratory scale systems and attention to detail ensures our customers’ laboratory solution requirements and expectations are fully met, if not exceeded.

Zeton’s unique solutions, leading processes and industry experience can help you conquer lab scale systems and pilot plant scale up across even the most challenging process development niches.

Zeton’s fully automated lab scale systems are delivered ready-to-run with your preferred software and complete with engineering and operational documentation.

From single to multi-reactor configurations, Zeton’s custom designed and built lab scale systems have been manufactured to handle catalyst loadings of less than one gram, with fractionation/recycle and integrated analytical capabilities.
Microreactor and small laboratory scale systems for catalyst testing can be designed and built with fixed bed, fluidized bed and/or continuous stirred-tank reactors.
Zeton’s dedicated manufacturing bays in Enschede (The Netherlands) and Burlington (Canada) facilitate the design and fabrication of lab scale systems for delivery to customers worldwide. We also offer engineering and field services including on-site installation and start-up support.

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